How to scrapbook Prayer collages?

How to scrapbook collage?

Materials needed:
~Magazine cuttings from Better Homes and Gardens or any pictures that would allow you to write on, preferable lighter colours
~scrapbook tags or small notepaper
~ Sharpie or Stabilo Pens, gel pens, scissors, glue
~Spiral A5 notebook. {I prefer to use a spiral bound to accommodate the extra paper}
~ Bible and Valley of Vision

*I tend to "rip" the pictures to give it some character
*Choose all the different pieces of paper and try to arrange them on a page first, to see if they go together.
*Make sure the colours work well
*Try to overlap the pieces of paper to create some character
*Once you are happy with it, you can glue them together
*Then you can write your prayers down, when the glue is dry. The other alternative is to use double sided tape, instead of glue, so you can write on them instantly.
*Don't be afraid to make mistakes it is all part of the journey........Enjoy!

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