How to Journal for spiritual growth

Why journal?
 ~count the gifts God gives me daily
~remember who God is
~stopping long enough to listen to God
~see God in the moments and in the mundane
~focus in the midst of chaos and busyness
~reminds me of God’s goodness because I often forget
~weed out hidden/secret sins in my life
~stills my restless heart
~teaches me to be grateful for what I have & not covet what I have not
~journaling can become the “altar of my worship to God”

Ultimate purpose of journaling:

 To meet with God and know Him

What to put in my journal?

 *Anything that reminds me of God’s goodness

 ~Praise God for who He is – His character
~Gifts to be thankful for {things, people & character qualities}
~Favourite Bible verses & verses to be memorized
~Prayers – for myself & others
~Lyrics of songs
~Pictures from old magazine, calendars, cards & internet
~Encouragement notes & letters
~Drawings /doodles
~Notes from sermon/ teaching sessions
~Areas in my life I need to work on (godly characteristics)
~Photocopied sections of books or printouts worth rereading

What do I need?
~A5 spiral bound book {easy to carry around}
~Good trusted pen
~Gel pens/colour pencils/textas
~Glue/double sided tape
~Correction pen/liquid
~Plastic sleeve
~Label my journal (name, add, tel no.)
~Take my journal with me everywhere I go, if possible
~Time (15-20 mins) & longer if necessary
~Plan when to journal – frequency
~Put all my journaling “gear” in one spot – in basket/box/case for easy access
~A teachable heart
~A little imagination & creativity
~Do Not need perfection and Do Not need the gift of words
~Share with others the readable bits, you will be blessed as you share
~Respect someone else’s personal journal because it is private

How often do I need to journal?
 ~Start off with once a week & then increase in frequency, so I will meet my goal each time & not get discouraged
~Stick to my commitment and goal
~Pray that God will help me delight in journaling because it will be my meeting place with Him

Where or when should I journal?
Wherever & whenever I can comfortably take my pen & journal out to write
~in the morning
~before bedtime
~in the train
~in a busy café
~in the car, while waiting for someone to be picked up
~on holiday
~while reading my bible
~while on my lunch break
~every time I feel I need to
~when anger and frustration wells up in me & need to calm down

front cover{with a black gel pen wrote: Sing to the LORD
 with thanksgiving; make music to our God on the harp Psalm 147:7}

 This picture is from a magazine and I wrote
on it to create visual interest. Gave it the "ripped" effect too.

 Used scrapbooking tags to create interest and excitement.

back cover wrote {I will lie down and sleep in peace, 
for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety Psalm 4:8}On the quilt wrote: teach me gracious Lord and Saviour that my cross
 thou sendest is promised Grace, so that I may patiently bear it that
my cross is thy yoke which is easy and thy burden which is light  ~Valley of vision~
On what looks like a piece of fabric wrote: help me to know continually
 that there can be no happiness, no fulfilling of thy purpose for me
apart from a life lived in and for the Son of thy love ~Valley of vision~
But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him,
 on those whose hope is in His unfailing love. Ps 33:18

 Christmas 2011, we studied the Jesse Tree as a family.
 I glued my activity as a reminder of my precious time spent with my children.

Here is my journal collection since 2011. It is interesting to read them from time to time.... seeing where I have been in my spiritual journey. They represent pain, difficulties, weakness, growth, joy and victories in Christ! Most importantly, my journals are a meeting place with God.

Boxes to store my journal collection.


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