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How to Journal for spiritual growth

Why journal?
~count the gifts God gives me daily
~remember who God is
~stopping long enough to listen to God
~see God in the moments and in the mundane
~focus in the midst of chaos and busyness
~reminds me of God’s goodness because I often forget
~weed out hidden/secret sins in my life
~stills my restless heart
~teaches me to be grateful for what I have & not covet what I have not
~journaling can become the “altar of my worship to God”

Ultimate purpose of journaling:
To meet with God and know Him

What to put in my journal?
*Anything that reminds me of God’s goodness

 ~Praise God for who He is – His character
~Gifts to be thankful for {things, people & character qualities}
~Favourite Bible verses & verses to be memorized
~Prayers – for myself & others
~Lyrics of songs
~Pictures from old magazine, calendars, cards & internet
~Encouragement notes & letters
~Drawings /doodles
~Notes from sermon/ teaching sessions
~Areas in my life I n…

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